Dear Shareholders, Clients and Partners!

For 19 years the open joint-stock company “Ekaterinburg Municipal Bank” established by City Administration of Ekaterinburg has been working  successfully  on the financial market meeting the customers’ demands  to the highest extent and furnishing a universal package of services according to the international standards here, in Ekaterinburg.   

The JSC “Bank Ekaterinburg” is a steady financial institution held in high repute and  rich history.  It is a great figure in the financial environment of our city. The Bank  takes  an active part in solving social problems of Ekaterinburg. It built strong ties with its clients on the  basis of long-term partnership, mutual advantages and unconditional performance of commitments.

Pursuing the decisions of the Council of Directors and acting in accordance with the Bank’s Policy in 2013 the Bank  implemented measures aimed at strengthening  financial stability and profitability. The Bank continued to reduce bank risks and bad debts, to increase  sales of the banking products and services, to improve  information technologies. 

In 2013 the Bank 
- increased its assets by 14.6%;
- issued over 40 thous. bank cards;
- concluded over 70 general agreements with the city  institutions and enterprises on payroll card programs;
- enlarged its ATM network up to 75 units; 
- won the tender for opening and maintaining settlement accounts of the Federal Treasury Department for Sverdlovsk Oblast; 
- entered the State Information System on  State and Municipal Payments gaining the opportunity to submit information on money transfers of legal entities and individuals to the budgetary system and submit to individuals information on taxes payable. 

Financial stability and reliability of the JSC “Bank Ekaterinburg” is  continuously confirmed by the expert rating agencies:
- every month the close JSC "Rus-Rating" confirms the "BBB" national scale rating with the stable outlook  and “BB” international scale rating with a stable outlook first given to the Bank in November 2009;
-  on January 22, 2014  the  limited liability company "National Rating Agency" confirmed the "A-" individual credit rating (high credit status, III  level) given to the Bank.

Resting upon prudential approach to each transaction, weighted conservative policy, precise economic analysis and intelligent management of bank risks  the Bank has achieved successfully the strategic goals set by the general meeting of shareholders for 2013. That is the sustainable development of the Bank, business expansion within the territory of Ekaterinburg, implementation of new technologies to keep the competitive edge and to ensure satisfaction of needs of the clients and shareholders in the bank services to the fullest extent.

We express gratitude to the Bank's team for the high competence, devotion, ambitious and passionate work.

We express thanks to our shareholders, clients and partners for  their support and believing in us.

We are convinced that due to the Bank's experience, traditions and cohesive team the JSC “Bank Ekaterinburg”  will keep developing and contributing to the citizens’ well-being!





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